What is life like in Spain?

Living in Spain is wonderful, more specifically in Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, not only because of the good weather throughout the year, also because of the popular food to try in Spain ¡it is delicious!

If you want to live in Spain you have to know the means of transportation and the places you can visit, we will bring you up to date.

Best weather in spain

Many tourists like the very mild climate of Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida. Most of the beaches are located in quiet and very beautiful coves. Perhaps this is the most cosmopolitan city in Spain populated by foreigners.

Costa Blanca in Spain has the least contrast in climate. Little rainfall and lots of sun throughout the year. Also, in summer it is not very cold. However, it is always possible that there will be some extreme temperatures at times.
The Mediterranean climate means that this area has at least 315 days of sunshine a year. The minimum temperatures are between 12-14º C and the maximum temperatures are between 20-22º C in winter. In summer temperatures vary between 18-20º C minimum and 30-35º C maximum.

The sea temperature is warm and very pleasant for swimming. It is a unique area with its peninsula that extends parallel to the coast creating the Mar Menor. It is an area that we recommend if you plan to live in Spain.


Popular food in Spain

If you come to live in Spain, eating well is guaranteed. Healthy, traditional, creative, varied…Spanish food is known all over the world, and the Mediterranean diet is delicious and very healthy.

More specifically in Murcia, is characterized by having one of the best gqstronomies of the Iberian Peninsula. The Murcian cuisine is varied thanks to its location in the Levant and its proximity to the coast. Not only the food, but also the drink as the denominations of wines such as Jumilla, Yecla or Bullas.
Some dishes you should try if you come to Costa Blanca and Costa Calida are:

  • Rice bomb of Calasparra
  • Michirones
  • Meat pie
  • Murcian salad
  • Rice with rabbit

Means of transport

When arriving or leaving the Costa Blanca by plane or to pick up someone, it is useful to consider the different means of transport available to get around.

There are different forms of public transport available on the Costa Blanca for getting to and from the airport to your destination or for sightseeing.

Local bus companies offer lines to the south and north, and from Alicante city center, several streetcar and train lines can take you wherever you need to go.
If you prefer you can hail a cab, there are many available in these areas, or rent bicycles which are available in many areas.


Best places to visit in Costa Cálida and Costa Blanca

The Costa Cálida extends along the southeast of Spain, in the region of Murcia. There are impressive cliffs and long sandy beaches, on one side the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and on the other the unique Mar Menor lagoon.

One of the main attractions of the Costa Cálida is La Manga de Mar Menor, a unique saltwater lagoon known for its therapeutic properties. Its shallow, calm waters make it ideal for swimming, water sports and relaxing on the beach.
We also recommend the following things to do in Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida:

  • Spend a day exploring the historic city of Cartagena.
  • Visit the City of Murcia and walk along the River Segura.
  • Go shopping in Murcia city.
  • Enjoy sailing and windsurfing in the Mar Menor.
  • Play golf on one of the many championship courses along the coast.
  • Explore the amazing beaches at Águilas, Bolnuevo, Las Alcázares, La Manga and Puerto Mazarron.
  • Have a fun family day out in a waterpark at Aguilas, Cartagena and Murcia city (Terra Natura).

Spanish culture

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, brushing up on the country’s traditions and customs will help you get the most out of your stay. Although many Spanish traditions, such as tapas and traditional spanish songs like flamenco dancing, have become legendary around the world, knowing where, and how  to experience them in Spain can be difficult for some tourists.
Spanish culture is well represented in literature. As the original representative of the Spanish language, the country is home to literary treasures dating back hundreds of years. Don Quixote is considered the best example of Spanish literature and language. The novel by writer Miguel de Cervantes is more than 400 years old.

There are many Spanish traditions and festivals to discover on your trip if you know where to look.

  • Going for tapas
  • Bullfighting
  • Soccer in Spain
  • Grape Eating at the Stroke of Midnight